Community Info

Jay County, Indiana

In Jay County, Indiana, community is something that transcends place and time. It is a feeling – a good feeling. Small town, yet with access to the amenities of larger communities. With a population that has not been stagnant. With an attitude that has grown with the times.

Community is much more than a collection of statistics. It is the interesting and thought provoking people that make up a community. However, statistics will be a start of that process. Statistics do not show how a community often comes together in a unified effort to solve a common challenge. Statistics do not necessarily show the dynamism of a place.

Like many communities, Jay County has seen a tremendous renaissance in business activity. The business base of the county has been transforming itself into a beehive of activity. Industries continue to expand, while new companies often take a close look at the many amenities of the county. It is a place to grow and prosper.

Jay County is a place that will intrigue you. Once you get to know us and our community, you will wonder why you hadn’t look at this place before. From excellent opportunities in work, a high quality of life, a skilled and talented workforce that knows how to work and how to have fun – Jay County is a place to investigate.